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Finstock Consulting is a management and development policy consulting firm dedicated to serving the needs of clients from diverse background. Our senior consultants have over time built their expertise both in the industries we serve and within consulting practices of major international firms. Our consultants have worked for clients in the wider Eastern Africa region. We deliver demonstrable value through quality of our insights, the internal support we generate for change, and the way we work with our clients to implement solutions that deliver measurable value. Read More

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finstock launched spss /stata training packages
course content
introduction to basics= COST KE. 5000/=
data entry (direct and important values)
descriptive (cross tabulation,frequencies,graphs and charts)
Test for normality
1.skewness and kurtosis test
2.graphical test
3.smirnov kormogorov test
Regression and Correlation
1.null hypothesis formulation
2.OLS coeffiecientspretation of t statistics
3.f statistic
Transformation of data
1. recode into same variable
2. recode into different variables
3. compute (log,average,sum etc)
4. split file
Intermediate SPSS & STATA =COST KE. 5000/=
Parametric tests of hypothesis
1.two sample t-test
2.paired t-test
Non parametric tests
1.Mann whitney u test
2.kruskal wallis
3.chi-square tests
Reliability and Validity testing
1.cronbach Alpha
2.kmo & Bartlet test
Factor analysis
2.factor loadings
Advanced SPSS&STATA =COST KE. 5000/=
categorical Regression analysis
1.Binary logistic (SPSS)
Finstock consulting offered training at Baraton University on data analysis using Stata and Spss software the training was attended by over 20 postgraduate student.
our research services
Complete Thesis Training
Thesis Topic Selection Training
Thesis Proposal Training
Thesis Introduction Training
Literature Review Training
Research Design & Methodology
Data Analysis and Research Results
Findings, Conclusion, Implications
STATA,SPSS and EVIEWS ,Rsoftware
our services
Finstock consulting has been offering its services within and outside the country this has been a good experience as it has exposed us to different geographical position and this has offed us a chance to know what is expected from us by our client as they strongly believe in our services therefore come lets serve you better
team building
finstock consulting offered team building activity to its employees at fisherman camp where employees enjoyed their day out from work together

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